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Branson Machine & Tool Ltd. is located in Peterborough Ontario. Founded in the 1930's and run as a family business, Branson Machine & Tool is still located at its original location. In 2003 new ownership and an improvement in direction came into effect at Branson Machine by way of Don Hepburn, previously a 30+ year employee and General Manager of Branson Machine. Don has taken steps to bring in state of the art technology enabling them to keep up with any customer requests.


          • Branson Machine - quality precision machining in Peterborough, Ontario.
          • Custom and production machining including CNC, Manual Lathe and Mill
          • Mastercam software used on our machines and in our processes


Branson Machine is ISO 9001 Certified


Branson Machine & Tool has taken the next step in ensuring our commitment to producing quality machined parts. We are ISO-9001:2008 Certified!




Latest News!

Branson Machine is ISO 9001 Certified


At being true to our continual goal of being a premium service provider, we at Branson Machine are proud to say we have recently been certified with the Controlled Goods Program of Canada.