Branson Machine Tools and Equipment
Branson Machines Custom Machining


Branson Machine & Tool Ltd is a modern, well equiped custom machine shop. We have dozens of professional machines on-site to personally fullfil any order.


Below is a summary of the equipment we have on-site.


    • Super Kia Turn 21 CNC Lathe
    • Leadwell LTC-10P CNC Lathe
    • Leadwell LTC-15 CNC Lathe
    • Dalian DL20/1000 CNC Lathe
    • Predator Monarch P-10 CNC Lathe
    • 2 CNC Lathe Machines HH Roberts Annn Yang DY460 18” Swing Lathe
    • TC3 Takisawa CNC Lathe
    • Bridgeport CNC Mill Model XV/10
    • Topper TMV-210II CNC Mill
    • Matsurra RA-2G CNC Mill
    • HH Roberts Topwell 5-VF CNC Advanced Mill
    • 4 Manual Lathes (2 Colchester Triumph 2000, Colchester Mascot 1600, HH Roberts DY-510X1500G)
    • 4 Manual Mills Topwell 5VKF
    • Baxter Verticut Saw
    • Miller Welder Syncrowave 200
    • 2 Buffalo drill presses
    • Delta 14” Bandsaw
    • Freeport SGS-1224AHD Surface Grinder
    • DMG CTX510 Econoline


At Branson Machine, we have CNC Milling up to 34 x 20 and on our CNC Lathes we can turn up to 18.3 inch diameter. All machines are ran on the current, industry standard Mastercam software.

Our newest addition, the CTX 510 Ecoline allows Branson Machine to be more competitive by completing more processes in one machine. Without this advanced machine a part would pass from machine to machine before completed. Branson Machine is able to produce complete parts via one machine due to its tooling capabilites.  The Ecoline gives Peterborough's Branson Machine a competitive edge by making our processes faster and more efficient. In addition to a competitive edge, the Ecoline machine allows us to turn parts up to 18.3 inch diameter.